Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Inversion/ was the nook warm?

+ Artist


Laura Harty + Jennie Moran
are practitioners operating in the linked/disparate worlds of art and architecture.
The act of moving and re-constructing a home engages both practices, disclosing core values.
In the delicate alchemy of a home, what has been offered by the building itself and what has been offered from the dweller?
Our attention has rested upon certain aspects which we have discovered to be vital/relevant/meaningful in the transportation of this ‘personal universe’. They are things like safety, familarity, history, atmosphere, possession and their reciprocal relationship with space, material, location and physicality. We have tried not to be romantic or tragic about this complex site. For some, the home ‘is not a place he goes into, but a place he comes out of’ (Pierre Bourdieu, Kabyle House or The world Reversed)
For our purposes we have divided these aspects into two categories: movable and immovable.
‘Movable’ refers to that which can be brought from one place to the next - possessions, atmosphere, history; the artist will take charge of this. ‘Immovable’, on the other, hand, refers to the setting, which frames, directs and positions the experience of home. The task of the architect is to chart the impact of this material construct on ideas of safety, familiarity and freedom.