Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Rave at close of day

Inversion / was the nook warm?

So tired of all the darkness in our lives

Things that can happen in a vacuum

Hot furniture

An archeology of things not old enough to be interesting

Lightness V Heaviness

A corner of the world

Personal Effects


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An endeavour to grasp a hold of a very fragile assemblage of history before it is swept away; that of the homes of a group of individuals who have moved, loosely en masse, to new independant housing for older people. The impetus might be similar to the urgent longing one experiences between sleeping and waking when the a dream dissolves away from us and we must stoically embrace the bright, real day. This place will not exist again, not like this. Remembering and imagining are too friendly with one another to be relied upon for such an important preservation

This project is kindly supported by the Engaging with Architecture Scheme 2012

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