Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Lightness V heaviness


Research, Studio 468, Rialto, Dublin 8

May - December 2010


Wednesdays were for walking through the neighbourhood with my mother's asymmetrical dog. The place is a strange mix of harshness and delicate frivolity. Boarded up windows beside careful front-room displays. The fanciness is more interesting to me than the hard density.


There is a story about a dolphin swimming up the canal that has survived against the odds. I have made dolphin confetti which will be available in the local sweet shop and thrown away carelessly.




Rave at close of day

Inversion / was the nook warm?

So tired of all the darkness in our lives

Things that can happen in a vacuum

Hot furniture

An archeology of things not old enough to be interesting

Lightness V Heaviness

A corner of the world

Personal Effects


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