Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Rave at close of day *
a winter solstice LAMENBRATION/CELEMENT **
Bandstand, East Pier, Dun Laoghaire
21st December 2012

This seasonal reduction of daylight is regrettable to humans. They are reminded that other creatures are hibernating in the ground and contemplate following suit. The rationed hours of watery sunlight are enjoyed carefully and in time, there is comfort gleaned from darkness. It is the transition from light to dark that presents the greatest challenge. This is a complicated moment full of conflicted cathartic stirrings. A drawn out split second where everything is possible - mischief, ardent longing, melancholy, defiance.

We sat in confusion together on the shortest day and consoled ourselves with hot liquid, sheep’s wool electric light and live music by Seán Mac Erlaine

* from Dylan Thomas’ poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ ** a lament and a celebration



Rave at close of day

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