Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Inversion/ was the nook warm?

+ Artist


Nás na Ríogh Housing Association, Naas, Co Kildare is a new housing facility for people over 65. It is in a restored convent, in the centre of the town, connected to a very well used
community centre. It also houses tea rooms and a cultural venue, both
open to the public. It is comprised of
53 self-contained apartments suitable
for those wishing to live independently.
There is also a beautiful walled garden due to be made available to tenants
and it is across the road from a bus
which goes directly to Dublin Airport.
The artist and the architect saw the movement of 53 households to be an important moment in the town. The task of recording this brave shift presented itself as extremely urgent. This set of intimate histories was momentarliy accessable but soon to be swept away permenantly. This information about the primary universe that is the home, does not fit neatly into records will otherwise be lost. Here was a perfect opprtunity to make the enquiry: How did these homes and their inhabitants transform each other?



The enquiry raises thoughts, ideas, experiences lodged in the fabric of the buildings, like dust, so that they might come back into the inhabitants' awareness, and be preserved a little longer