Jennie Moran
Visual Art Practice

Things that can happen in a vacuum 

16mm film and video, 6.5 minutes School of Physics, Trinity Colllege Dublin, 2011 Documentation of a makeshift incandescent light bulb

The tungsten filament is cleaned and fashioning into a coil. The oxygen is evacuated from the jar with a vacuum pump and liquid Nitrogen. Slowly an electrical current is passed through the tungsten. Darkness is changed into something else. The filament burns dark orange. The objects collected have become a source of light. It burns brighter and brighter, all the time more electricity. The methods of keeping oxygen out are tested and in the sixth minute the tungsten flares brighter still and finally blows. Darkness again, but changed

Thank you the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, the Science Gallery, Moira Tierney, Niamh Burke-Kennedy and the Arts Council for their support through a bursary award. Image courtesy of Niamh Burke-Kennedy



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